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The thread feels something.
It is all about the piezoelectric fibers.
YUWAERU broadens the possibilities of what fiber can do in fashion,
entertainment, sports, traditional handcrafts
and products in your everyday life.



The moment you untie the PRESENT RIBBON –
Suddenly pictures appear, light shines,
music plays or the giftbox dances. A surprise happens.
Gifting moments become more memorable.
It can bring you and your loved ones much stronger.

  1. Hold

  2. Loosen

  3. Surprise!


Fibers are so much a part of our daily lives
that we don't even notice them. YUWAERU will work with partners
to update everyday experiences with piezoelectric fibers.


Once YUWAERU is weaved in...
Clothes become devices which can be operated without a hand.
Empty seats on trains can be searchable before arriving..
Pillows can tell you how well we sleep.


These are current developing ideas. Feel free to contact us
if you are interested in collaborating with us.

  • 01

    Mood accessory

    It is well-known that a dog’s tail expresses their emotions.
    This innovation will sense the tail movements
    and we can know more about what dogs
    are thinking and feeling.

  • 02

    Wearable synthesizer

    You can play a musical instrument by dancing.
    Every movement of the piezoelectric fiber is expressed
    as an electrical waveform, converted into sound,
    which can then be turned into a synthesizer.

  • 03

    Connected cheering towel

    You can see the emotion of fans.
    The technology recognizes how each person waves the towel.
    You can track the heat real time and reflect the fans’ energy.


Thread actually generates a small amount of electricity
when pressure is applied.
This electricity makes it possible to detect various movements,
such as pull, rub, and twist, depending on the stitching method.
YUWAERU was developed based on this technology.

  • pull

  • rub

  • twist

“I believe Japan’s unique hospitality, sensibility
and technology can make people’s lives better and more fashionable.
I want to live up to people’s expectations.
This has driven my research and development.”

Yoshiro Tajitsu,
Professor at Kansai University


YUWAERU project is conducted by Kansai university,
Teijin Frontier and Dentsu Inc. and other various partners.
With fabric innovation, we aim to create brand-new experiences,
products and contents that improve our ever changing lifestyles.

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